Washing Machine / Dryer Repair

Washing machines are one of the most widely used appliances. We can’t think of our lives without washing machines and use them frequently. With frequent use comes frequent problems and without proper maintenance, it’s just a matter of time for the problem to shoot up. SunPro is one of the leading washing machine repair service providers in the greater Miami area. We train our technicians from time to time to keep them updated with the latest technology. We have worked/repaired on all major brands in the market. Models like GE, Maytag, Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Kenmore, and many more. We only use genuine parts for all our repairs and offer a 90-day guarantee on all our services.

Customer satisfaction is the main mission of our company. There is a reason why we have repeated satisfied customers coming back to us. In every job we take up, we strive for exceeding our customers’ expectations by providing them extra value for their money. The quality of service is where we beat our competition by providing our customers with exceptional service at a much affordable price.

Some of the major washing machine and dryer problems that customers face are:

If your Washing machine won’t turn on, our technicians run through the initial diagnostics procedure to make sure to checkpoint the obvious elements like a Tripped circuit breaker, Fuses, Outlets, any damages to the power cord, Defective door lock, defective user control board, faulty timer, or the issue could be more serious where the motor is not functioning. Our technicians will diagnose the issue thoroughly and propose a budget-friendly and long-lasting solution for your machine.

If your washing machine is not pumping the water then our technicians will look at the drain pump of the machine, we use a multimeter to check the drain pump continuity. Sometimes the pinched or clogged drain hose itself might cause obstruction of the water outlet. Some models a defective lid switch could cause water to not drain from the washer. Call Sunpro appliance repair to repair your washer and dryer.

Sometimes your washing machine agitator won’t work or won’t spin and if you are dealing with a non-functioning agitator them our technicians will do the basic checkpoint diagnosis to see all other variables are working correctly and then move on to the agitator by remove the agitator and replacing the gaskets with newer ones or check the agitator belt to see if anything is broken there. We always use genuine parts for all our repairs so you can rest assured that you are getting a quality and professional service with high-quality parts.

If you are having a very noisy washer then it could be an issue with tub bearing which helps to spin the washer smoothly. The broken suspension spring is another element that could cause the washer to make a lot of noise while spinning. The motor bearings have a tendency to wear out and cause noise while spinning, this can be easily fixed by changing the bearing of the motor. If the washer is making a lot of squeaky noise during the drain cycle then the drain pump could be defective or clogged with debris, once cleaned or replaced with a new drain pump, the noise could be reduced. If the water is making noise during the water inlet cycle then the water inlet valve could be the culprit. Sunpro technicians have a plethora of experience on all kinds of washer and dryer repairs and can resolve any of your issues and get your life back to normal.

Some of the common complaints we get about Dryers are that the dryer is not heating properly or completely dead and so of the obvious culprits our technicians check for are Gas supply valve, Thermal cut off the fuse, Thermostat, igniter, operating thermostat and thermal fuse. Each one of these parts has specific functionality and when we check each one of these parts and diagnoses and repair the part or replace it with a newer part and get your dryer running in no time.

Call Sunpro Appliance repair for all your washing machine repair and dryer repair needs in the greater Miami area. We provide a free estimate on all our calls and also provide a 90-day guarantee on all our repairs and parts. We fix any make or model ranging from Samsung, LG, GE, Maytag, Bosch, Kenmore, Whirlpool, and many more models. We provide 24/7 emergency service at no additional cost. Experience yourself why we have such a high customer retention rate.