Refrigerator issues can cause some pain and discomfort on your busy schedule. Your food and vegetables are at risk of going bad too soon if the issue is not addressed on time. DIY techniques do work on smaller issues like changing the air filter or water filter inside the fridge or cleaning the vent at the bottom for the compressor fan and so forth, but not some serious fridge problems and if you do it yourself or wait too long, you might be risking for bigger damage or completely stalling down the fridge altogether. We at SunPro appliance repair do offer Refrigerator repair at an affordable price. Our certified technicians have hundreds of hours of experience and have worked on all major makes and models in the market today.

Some of the major problems with the refrigerator are:

Water Leaks

Excessive frost build-up

Compressor and evaporator issues

Temperature sensor

Door seals

Refrigerator water leaks can be majorly caused by clogged defrost drain or Frozen defrost drain. Some other reasons why water can happen is because of having a damaged water inlet valve or misaligned water filter or damage water housing. Whatever the cause could be, SunPro technicians can get the leak fixed in no time and get your fridge back in running.

Excessive frost build-up happens when excessive moisture comes in contact with coils. When food is not tightly packed or door seals not sealing properly or not maintaining a consistent temperature of the fridge, moisture seeps into these coils thus creating frost build-up which could cause your food to freezer burn out and replenish out the taste and nutrients from your food. Timely maintenance is required so that your fridge is functioning at an optimum level.

Problems with Compressor is something that can be expensive. One of the telltale signs to notice if there is an issue with the compressor is to hear the rattling noise from the compressor area. One other area where you tell if the compressor is having issues is to notice when the compressor is running non-stop without the refrigerator cooling to its desired temperature, this could be a problem with the refrigerant and needs to be refilled or replaced. While starting if the refrigerators trip off the circuit breaker then its a sign that the compressor needs to be checked.

The fresh food compartment is not keeping cool as desired. Most of the cool air that comes to the fresh food section comes from the freezer section of the fridge and that means the passage from freezer to fresh food section is blocked or the freezer itself is not working properly. A thorough inspection will point us in the right direction and can fix the issue in no time.

We at Sunpro appliance repair service have state of the art gadgets and tools to diagnose and fix any fridge repair issues. We offer emergency services as well at no additional costs. So you have nothing to worry about and can call us anytime 24/7. We also offer maintenance services to keep your expensive appliance working to its optimum, thus prolonging their life and saving you money.