Sometimes we are all guilty of disposing of some of the foods that are not supposed to go through the garbage disposal, Foods like chicken bones, stalks of celery, etc are too hard for the grinder to chop them and Grind them, eventually causing an obstruction. There are at times small spoons and soda bottle caps and other small utensils slip into the Garbage disposal unit causing the unit to not work properly or completely breaking it down. In any case, we at Sunpro have experts that can work on your garbage disposal issues on the same day and get life back to normalcy.

A non-functioning garbage disposal unit can really be inconvenient and also cause odor smelling kitchen sink area. When the food residue gets lodged in the food disposal unit, over the period of a few days, the decayed food will spread fowl and bad odor near your sink area, which could have some serious health and hygiene issues for your entire family. Keep your kitchen clean and smelling fresh by regularly maintaining a food disposal unit and avoid dropping major food particles into the unit.

If your food disposal is leaking then some of the possibilities could be a corroded/rusted metal plate inside the grinder which causes small rusted holes on your grinder plate to avoid this from happening along with regular maintenance always use cold water in your garbage disposal and make sure to not to dispose of any acid foods or fruits that could cause rusting to your disposal.

Commercial Insinkerator are very useful tools in commercial kitchens. They are essential units in kitchen appliances. It’s humanly impossible to avoid food and other items from not seeping into the InSinkErator when you are in a commercial kitchen. Some of the foods that can cause serious damage and clog to a commercial InSinkErator are artichokes, pineapple tops, corn husks, oyster shells, etc. sometimes small silverware, glass, and corrosive chemicals will cause serious damage and coercion to the unit reducing the life of the unit. If the food disposer is overloaded, then the switch in the disposer will trip causing the disposer to stop working. You will need a de-jamming rotating rod to loosen up the rotating plate and remove the jammed object from the disposer. By using an Inskinkerator will reduce labor costs, increase efficiency, and improve sanitation in your kitchen thus serving your customers more efficiently.