Is your Dishwasher is not cleaning your dishes sparkling clean or does it leak water or is the heating element not working or is your dishwasher completely broken and not making any noise? Whatever your problem could be, Sunpro appliance technicians are here to help you fix your dishwasher in no time. Our certified technicians have a wide range of experience on all dishwasher models and we have a higher customer satisfaction rate than our competition.

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Here are some of the most common dishwasher related issues:

Water Leaking out from the dishwasher could be a possible cause of the Clogged float cup switch. Over the period of time, soap and residue gets accumulated inside the float cup switch and also some of the valves that are inside the dishwasher. These need to be cleaned and maintained from time to time.

If your dishwasher is not draining water properly then the potential culprit could possibly be clogged or dirty filters that need to be cleaned or replaced. Another possible element that could be the culprit is the hose connecting to the garbage disposal which needs to be cleaned or drained. The screen where the water passes to the drain could have been blocked with food particles or dirt and needs to be either cleaned or replaced. Our technicians are experts in Dishwasher repairs and have hundreds of hours of experience under their belt.

If your Dishwasher is making humming noises, but not cleaning the dishes, this could be a problem with an impeller. To see what’s going on with the impeller we need to take apart your dishwasher and see if there is anything blocking the impeller to function properly while replacing the impeller, we will also replace the impeller seal. If the impeller is working correctly and doesn’t see any blocks then the problem could be with the motor, which is better to be replaced than repaired.

Some of the minor washing machine problems could be with water leaking from the rubber door seal rubber for which a brand-new door seal would fix that problem. Sometimes the soap dispenser won’t be dispensing the soap properly for which our technicians will adjust or replace the springs of the soap dispenser opening to fix the problem

Commercial Dishwasher problems could be costing you in losing valued customers due to quality and cleanliness issues, don’t let your commercial dishwasher problems affect your customer service. Call us to get your dishwasher fixed the same day so that you can get back to serving your customers in no time.

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