Living in Florida, dealing with AC problems is not a pretty thing. Especially during summer when the temperature reaches 90 degrees and above. In order to avoid untimely AC breakdowns or AC unit not cooling your house or apartment properly, you need a professional AC repair technician to take a look at your issue. We at SunPro Appliance repair, have worked on all kinds of AC repair jobs. We have seen issues ranging from Clogged Condensate Drain to Dirty Condenser Coil. No job is too big or too small for us, we take every job seriously and give our utmost best to get your AC unit fixed. All AC units need timely maintenance checks for any leaks or potential issues and also the Filters need to be replaced every 6 months for optimal performance of the AC unit.

When you call SunPro Appliance Repair Service, we make sure to dispatch our technician the same day to diagnose your AC unit and suggest an economical and long-lasting solution. In some rare situations where the AC unit is badly damaged, our technicians will suggest you purchase a brand-new unit which is more economical than fixing the older unit. We use genuine parts in all our repairs and come with a 90-day guarantee on all our repair jobs.

Our technicians have vast experience in both residential and commercial AC units and are well equipped to deal with any issue to get you back in business in no time. The following are some of the most common AC issues that we have encountered with customers.

Bad Capacitor inside the condenser unit which could be caused by a lack of regular maintenance and cleaning of the condenser coil and unchanged filter. In some dire situations, the capacitor needs to be replaced with a new one.

AC Unit not cooling properly, the problem could be some serious leaks along the pipes. Most of the leaks can be easily fixed and the refrigerant needs to be refilled for optimal performance.

Another major issue could be a bad condenser motor, where you see signs by looking at the condenser fan which is not working or working incorrectly or intermittently. Some of the ways we check for potential causes could be the air filter, tripped circuit breaker or it could be something major like a burnt-out blower motor or overused condenser motor.

AC condensate drain could be blocked due to algae and muck build over the period of time due to lack of maintenance. Sometimes the fix could be as small as clearing the buildup by cleaning with a brush and flushing out the muck with bleach or vinegar water.

Dirty and unclean condenser coil could also be a major culprit in AC unit problems, where the airflow is restricted thus causing the condenser to work twice as hard to keep the temperature cool and could cause other parts to break down.

SunPro is your local AC repair service shop and is the most trusted appliance repair service provider in the greater Miami area, which is why the majority of our new customers come from word of mouth of highly satisfied customers and repeat customers.