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Welcome to SunPro Appliance Repair Service in Miami.

We offer a wide range of quality appliance repair services at a very affordable cost. Our Experienced and well-trained friendly technicians will handle any situation in a very professional manner from start to finish.

We understand the inconvenience and frustration that goes in when your household/commercial appliances don’t work as expected and to fix them could sometimes be very expensive and time-consuming.

Over the years, we at SunPro have seen every possible scenario of the appliance repair and have tailored our services to serve our clientele to go above and beyond their expectations and have designed our company’s mission around customer satisfaction.

Our mission is to serve our clientele needs with utmost honesty, care, and professionalism at a very affordable cost.

We take pride in our certified trained technicians and all our technicians are trained to deliver an exceptional unmatched customer service that makes our clients keep coming back to us.

No job is too big or too small for us, we take every job very seriously and make sure we surpass our customer’s satisfaction every time. If you are searching for an appliance repair service near me, give us a call and see why we are different from other companies. SunPro Appliance Repairs Miami will cater to all your Appliance service needs

Our Services


Is your washer not washing/cleaning your clothes properly or does it have a water leak from the bottom or is your dryer not drying your clothes completely even after hours of drying time costing you more in your electric bills.

Give SunPro Appliance Repair a call, our trained staff will assess the problem, give you an estimate of the repair cost and will make sure we get your life to normalcy within no time. Our trained staff will not only fix the issues but exceed your expectations by training you with the tips and techniques on how to maintain your washer and dryer for optimal and lasting performance.

Whether you are looking for appliance repairs Miami or appliances repair near me or dryer repair service near me, look no further, we are your appliance guy conveniently located in the Greater Miami area with many satisfied repeated customers as our clientele.


Refrigerator repair can be quite a cumbersome and painful thing since all the family’s food and drinks are at stake.

If your fridge is broken or not keeping your food cool at the right temperature or if your refrigerator compressor is broken or not working as expected or if your refrigerator is having problem with the door seal then you need to have the right experts by your side, to handle any emergency or complex repair job and get your life moving forward.

If you are looking for a refrigerator repairman near me or refrigerator repair near me or refrigerator repair Miami or refrigerator appliance repair. Our technicians have worked on every make and model in the industry and can handle any repair job.

Our refrigerator repairman is standing by to talk to you and walk you through the issue and give you an estimate of the repair cost. We have fixed all major brands and we keep our technicians up to date with the latest technologies that come up in the market to serve our community better. Our technicians will also suggest if you are spending tons of money on your old refrigerator energy bills or how you could save money by switching to EnergyStar appliances etc.


Microwave ovens have become a part of our daily life. With our busy work schedules, we needed faster solutions and Microwave oven makes it possible.

Do not let a broken microwave stop your life. Give us a call anytime, we are your 24 7 appliance repair people. We have serviced all makes and models of microwaves and will only use genuine parts for all our services.


A Broken dishwasher is a nightmare to anyone whether it’s residential or restaurants, we all rely heavily on our dishwasher every day. We have handled all models of dishwashers like Kitchenaid dishwasher, GE dishwasher, etc.

If you are looking for a dishwasher repairman near me or dishwasher repair Miami look no further. We at Sunpro will handle all sorts of dishwasher repairs. All our parts and services are backed by a 90-day warranty period so that you can have peace of mind and know that you are getting a quality service and parts. Once your appliance is serviced by SunPro, we make sure to give you your best service experience with the best price in the market.


Issues with Garbage disposal can be unhealthy and unhygienic. A good working garbage disposal can create a healthy atmosphere in your kitchen area and a great smelling kitchen area. Our friendly servicemen will educate you on how to use your garbage disposal every time and to keep your kitchen and sink healthy and smelling fresh.

We have seen and fixed all sorts of Garbage disposal issues and have a high satisfaction rating with our clientele. For all our services, we use genuine quality insinkerator garbage disposal parts. We have dealt with all kinds of garbage disposal models like Frigidaire garbage disposal, Kenmore garbage disposal, and other top brands.


It can be very frustrating if your oven is not heating evenly or shuts off before the desired time/temperature or Bake option won’t work etc. Whatever the problem might be we have seen it all. Once our technician analyses the issue, they will educate you on what the issue is and will suggest a budget-friendly and long-lasting solution.

We service both gas or electric ovens and have worked on all kinds of oven models. whether you are dealing with oven thermostat repair or oven heating element repair, we can handle any kind of repair job. We back our work with a 90-day guarantee, which means peace of mind for you.


At SunPro Appliance Service, we know that emergency repairs can happen any time and that is why we are a 24-hour appliance repair shop servicing a multitude of household and commercial appliances. Whatever the service you might be in, emergency refrigerator repair, 24-hour refrigerator repair to microwave repair services and also mobile appliance. Our Appliance repair specialists are waiting to serve you.

If you are either looking for appliance repair services near me or appliance repairs Miami or emergency appliance repair near me, we are here to serve you. We have a huge fleet of vehicles and technicians that can be dispatched for any of your emergency situation. Call us for all your household or commercial repair needs. We are here to handle your after-hours appliance repairs and emergency appliance repair near me.

Appliances are a major part of our everyday life. They make our life easy, comfortable and efficient. We use them every single day and can’t imagine our life without them. Periodical maintenance or servicing of appliances is an effective and smart way of having our appliances running problem-free and efficiently, thus avoiding costly repairs costs. We at SunPro Appliance Repair Miami, are experts in providing quality appliance maintenance and repair services at a reasonable cost. Call us today!!

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